woensdag 1 september 2010

Pro tip for my followers


I just found out that you can deselect the vertification progress of commenting on "name here" his blog.
I hope you will find this very usefull, i just did this myself :)!

(Below is courtesy of http://coolnewz4u.blogspot.com/ ... check him out too)

Hey everyone, posting another HOW TO, this time on removing that annoying Captcha on your Blog.

While it can be helpful for stopping that random spammer, it does make a difference to your loyal followers who love to comment.

Here's what to do:

1) On your blog's main page, head to "Design". This can be found also while editing a post and other similar tasks.

2) Head to the "Settings" tab then "Comments" as a sub-tab

3) Here you will scroll down to see something like the image above:
"Show word verification for comments"

4) Simply choose "No", and save. From there you will have a Captcha-free Blog!

Hope this HOW TO helps you out with your own blog.  Feel free to comment below.